Time Management App

Posted 12 years, 2 months ago in Project Progress

So I'm going to start a small personal project. It's a time management web app to help me keep better track of time spent working. The big pull-in will be how I'm choosing to manage it.

Typically you have to create the categories, the projects, and the minor details later down the road. To me this just gets in the way. I spend time like I spend money. It's used regardless of what project it's for it's just time I spent. Therefore it needs to be implemented so that it's as simple as pressing punch-in and punch-out but then sometime afterwards describe what it was spent on. I've seen this content model work for mint.com which is a free money management web app I've been using to keep track of personal expenses.

The way mint.com works is that you spend your money as you normally do and with things like credit cards or debit cards you can set the category or budget afterwards. This helps make the process as painless as possible. It will keep track of all your spending regardless then you can categorize it if you feel the need to later.

So I will just record when a session starts, and when it ends. Then later that week I can go in and categorize it by either tags or projects or the likes of.

Not sure on the name of it yet but it will be just a personal project for now then maybe released for people to sign-up and use later if I feel it fills a void in the market and will provide true value for other people to use.

It will be written in django and JS and probably deployed on Heroku for now.